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Why Take the NEBOSH Certificate in India

A career in occupational health is a path that requires one to keep learning and staying updated with the latest developments in the field to enhance their technical capacities. One of the important developments that reinforce good practices is the NEBOSH certificate which is an internationally acknowledged qualification and takes only three months for completion depending on the individual’s dedication to learning and hard work.

Here are 5 reasons to take NEBOSH Certificate in India:

1. It is a globally recognized certification that is endorsed and supported by some of the biggest organizations in the world like ILO, UNECE, WHO etc.

NEBOSH Certificate is one of the most widely trusted and recognized certifications in occupational health and safety management all over the globe due to its strict auditing methods and high standards of quality. It is also one of the most valued qualification certificates that enhances employability and opens up a lot of new employment opportunities for learners.

2. NEBOSH Certificate is future-oriented and very important for those who wish to pursue a career in health and safety management.

It is designed in such a way that it provides you with fundamental and advanced knowledge and skills to excel as an Occupational Health and Safety professional. It helps you prepare yourself for future certifications like NEBOSH Diploma, IOSH, or CSX if you so choose to upgrade your qualifications.

3. It is a global qualification that is accepted in almost all the countries of the world.

Apart from making your resume stand out, gaining NEBOSH Certificate can be very beneficial for those looking to work abroad in developing countries where knowledge and experience gained working concerning international safety standards are more appreciated than what people might have learned locally. Employers in countries like India also value NEBOSH Certificate a lot as it is not offered by local universities and hence, proves the commitment to the health and safety of an individual.

4. It is a portable skillset that can be used anywhere in the world after completion.

It helps you gain an edge over other contenders for a job with any organization in the world as a health and safety professional. This is because the knowledge gained during NEBOSH training helps you get your foot into any organization, gives an excellent career boost, and will further help you grow to be a great asset for your employer.

5. It is very cost-effective unlike other qualifications in Health & Safety management offered in India.

NEBOSH course in India is available on payment of quite an affordable amount, unlike other courses that one can find online which are very costly and yet not as professionally designed or structured. Also, the NEBOSH Diploma is an advanced level qualification and hence, should be pursued after gaining relevant work experience in occupational health and safety which means paying more money to study NEBOSH Certificate before going on to pursue NEBOSH Diploma which is further costly and time-consuming.

Final Words:

Being a globally accepted qualification, NEBOSH Certificate helps you understand the common issues in working environments all around the world. It also aids you to develop a greater global perspective which will be advantageous for your career since it provides you with the ability to help organizations develop strategies that comply with international safety standards and offer safe working environment facilities anywhere in the world.

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