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In highly hazardous chemical production units wherein working with chemicals and other hazardous energies is commonplace; catastrophic hazards are pronounced and the risk of injury and health complications to the business and workers engaged in the production sector are substantially increased

A Process Safety Management (PSM) ensures a structured Safety Management System, engagement and communication mainframe model for setting and developing a culture of risk based process safety management and to have best in class management process that will help in creating advanced catastrophic risk awareness and develop risk based people safety and PSM system.

PSM assessment is one of the most important parts of the PSM system and it includes:

  •  Identifying the deficiencies
  • Planning, following up and documenting the gaps

The goals of our Process Safety Management Audit are to ensure process safety at production units through PSM System. The aim is to minimize occupational risks and hazards for production floor workers by means of:

  • Identifying and correcting deficiencies in any Process Safety Management System
  •  Effective Emergency Response Creation and Implementation
  • Mechanical Integrity Evaluation and Quality Assurance at a Contractor Level
  •  Final Analysis of Process Equipment prior to first time use
  •  Hazard Analysis and subsequent Corrective Measures

Our process safety specialists are dedicated to supporting safe industrial practices and have the experience and know-how to deliver quality auditing services.